We offer a range of video and audio options outlined below, check the Examples page to see and hear them. We also offer several discounts to help reduce the cost of recording your exam.


We offer three video options and three audio options.


Single cam

The single cam is our budget option. It is a registeration of the concert using a single camera. We can film the concert either as a wide view or a close camera angle with movement. See the Examples page for the different versions.


Full multicam

The full multicam is a recording of the concert with up to 4 cameras. All the pieces from the concert are edited which will provide you with a full concert of high quality and professionally edited video.



Stereo recording

Stereo recordings are for best for classical music concerts in rooms with a good acoustic. For this we use a combo of close and ambient mics to get the full quality of the sound. This audio is then mixed and mastered and synced with the videos.

Multitrack recording

Multitrack recordings are great for jazz and pop ensembles. For these recordings we take a feed straight from the desk and so we can mix and master the recordings. These recordings are then synced with the finished videos.

Camera audio

This is the lowest quality recording and we would not recommend this for any serious music performance. The reason you would go for this option is you plan to record the audio yourself and can deliver a finished mixed version which we can sync with the videos.


We know that getting a great video of your exam is expensive and to make things more affordable we’re offering several discounts.

The Early Bird – 10% off

We want to plan and prepare our schedule well in advance. This allows us to make sure that all the people and equipment are available for your recording. To do this we’re offering a discount if you book early.

If you book and pay a 10% deposit two calendar months ahead of your exam – i.e. if your exam is in May you need to book before the start of March – we’ll give you that deposit off the cost. Depending on the option you choose this can be up to €120.

Make sure to mention Early Bird when you’re booking your exam.

Friends with Benefits – 10% + 10% off

Friends often end up organising their exams together, using the same hall on the same day. This is great as it allows us to setup once to shoot two exams.

If you and a friend have exams one after the other in the same room we’ll give each of you 10% off! This could give you up to €240 off to go out and celebrate together.

Make sure to mention Friends with Benefits when booking your exam. If you wish to combine this with the Early Bird offer you can each get 15% off the price of your exams.

Recommendation Rodeo – 5% off

And finally, if any of your friends are looking for a film of their exam we’ll give you 5% off your price if you recommend us. If you recommend enough people you could end up getting your performance recorded for free.

It isn’t possible to combine this with the friend you are paired with for Friends with Benefits, but it can be used to recommend other friends and can be combined with the Early Bird.

* A 10% deposit is due to confirm your booking when booking with a discount. The booking isn’t considered valid without a deposit and late deposits will not be acceptable for discounts. This deposit is non-refundable.

** For Friends with Benefits and Recommendation Rodeo the discount is calculated based on the price of recording your friend or recommendation choses. You receive a discount of a percentage of the price of their exam not the price of your own.

*** For Recommendation Rodeo make sure to get your friend to mention your name when they book for you to get this discount. It is not possible to apply this discount if it isn’t mentioned when the exam is booked.